Starch Solution, Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 24 of Higher Carb Starch Solution: May 7th

Day 24/28

Feeling back to my old self! I craved (and ate) potatoes all day.

And alluding to my last post: since I ate all those calories the last few days (like 2200+), I no longer crave any fats–just my good ol’ starches! It’s amazing how much nicer things are when I eat intuitively and let myself eat as much as I need (and as much fat as I crave)… unlike the old days, when it was a constant battle.  

Macros: 81% carbs, 9% protein, 9% fat

Exercise: Biked 35 minutes, ran 40, walked 20


  • Steel cut banana oats


  • Baked yukon gold rounds
  • Mocha
  • Blueberry nicecream

Snack pre-running:

  • Mini potatoes


  • Navrattan korma
  • Sweet potato wedges

Night snack

  • Japanese sweet potato 

Calories eaten: 1800 | Calories burned: 1860 (according to Fitbit data)

(*Everything is made by me except those with a * –feel free to request recipe posts for anything you’d like to know about 🙂 )

Thanks for reading!


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