Starch Solution, Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 26 of Higher Carb Starch Solution: May 9th

Day 26/28

Three more days in Berkeley. So crazy!

Falafel, homemade hummus, veggies!

I had another two shoots, and generally ran all over town doing various tasks. And studying for my final tomorrow–almost forgot about that 😛

Macros: 71% carbs, 14% protein, 15% fat

Exercise: Biked 20 minutes, walked 5.5 miles


  • Strawberry banana oat smoothie
  • Coldbrew coffee


  • Baked russet rounds
  • Bell pepper romaine wraps
  • Walnuts

Photoshoot snack

  • Mint clif bar


  • Falafel*, homemade hummus, romaine, tomato
  • Orange-mango-cherry juice

Calories eaten: 2150 | Calories burned: 2025 (according to Fitbit data)

(*Everything is made by me except those with a * –feel free to request recipe posts for anything you’d like to know about 🙂 )

Thanks for reading!


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