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Thanks to WordPress’ Support Team, I’m back!

As some of you may have noticed, I stopped posting abruptly on May 14th: the day I went home to San Diego. This is because for some reason, WordPress hasn’t been working on my macbook OR my PC desktop, even when I try with my laptop in cafes! It wouldn’t let me load anything, not even my own site. This also happened last December and January when I was home for winter break.

My problem was especially mysterious and had both me and the WordPress support team completely stumped since January, but this morning we finally solved it: I use a Berkeley library proxy server in order to access scientific papers (which I talk about in my science videos), and it seems that the proxy server address somehow got messed up so the only time WordPress would work was when it was on UC Berkeley wifi… which is the only network that doesn’t turn on the proxy server.

Moral of the story: 1) if you’re mysteriously unable to load WordPress, your proxy settings might be the culprit and 2) I’m back and so excited to be able to blog again at long last!


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