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Pre-Christmas Goal: Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating!

Update 12/05

After 10 days I realized that MWL isn’t the best idea for getting back to high carb intuitive eating right now, because it’s a bit too restrictive given my current tastes and makes the “intuitive” part tricky. I definitely want to try it in the near future though, so stay tuned!

For now, I’m going to try to generally eat starch solution/high carb (70-85%) and get more vegetables: I’ll still be striving for the MWL guidelines, but not following them religiously.

Original post:

Original title: Pre-Christmas Diet Experiment: McDougall Maximum Weight Loss (MWL)!

Hello again! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving  🙂

I haven’t done a diet experiment since Spring, so I thought I’d do another one for you: this time, McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss plan (a silly name for what is really just a healthier version of the Starch Solution). I like to do these experiments so people can see the details of what it’s like, get meal inspiration, see what kind of results one can get, and maybe even decide to do it themselves and spread the high carb vegan movement a little bit.

Since my Spring experiment, I’ve been doing intuitive eating (naturally around 20% fat) and was feeling pretty phenomenal until recently. I maintained the weight loss from that last experiment and lost even more: I went off the pill and lost from 116 to 112lbs without trying simply because I felt less hungry, so it seems like all those fake hormones were causing a lot of my big appetite/craving problems.

Me at 112lbs–sorry for the silly photos, I didn’t take any real progress photos so these are just photoshoot outfit tests I had to send to the photographer 😛

Things were going wonderfully in October, then I ended my relationship of 6 years and had another unfortunate incident right at the beginning of November… and cue the emotional eating. Then a week later I went to San Diego (aka home) for a conference, where I ate at restaurants a lot and the unhealthy eating just snowballed. I felt like it totally threw off my hunger signals, and gave me all sorts of weird cravings. I’m still eating intuitively, but this new intuition is all messed up–I keep craving sugar/fat combos like cinnamon rolls and coconut parathas, and that takes a lot of time to satisfy since I make it all from scratch!

So I feel like now is a perfect time to press the reset button with something a little more serious than my normal eating patterns: McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss plan, which is pretty much just Starch Solution with less fat and no processed foods. As much as I love bread and whatnot, I feel like flour messes with my hunger signals when I’m not in my usual intuitive eating groove.

I won’t be counting calories or macros this time around, because it drives me crazy, and I’m trying to use this as a platform to transition back into my good intuitive eating patterns rather than over-police my diet. I’ll try to record pretty precise amounts so you can calculate the calories if you’re curious, though!

MWL Guidelines

  • Eat when hungry, stop when full–no restriction
  • Vegan, low fat, starch based diet
  • Eat lots of unrefined starches: avoid flours, processed foods
  • Eat lots of non-starchy vegetables (1/3-1/2 of meal), the more raw veggies the better
  • Avoid overt fats (oil, peanut butter, nuts, etc.)
  • Less salt and sugar
  • Less variety; eat the same meals
  • My changes: I’m still having (low fat!) soymilk because I can’t live without it, and it contains all my B12 and vitamin D that I don’t get from my multivitamin.

My goals (Starting weight: 117lbs)

  • Get back into my usual form of intuitive eating where I actually crave healthy foods
  • Spend less money & time on food (satisfying sugar/fat cravings is quite expensive!)
  • Lean out so I can get closer to abs!

I’m planning on doing this until winter break (~December 12th) at the very least, but depending on how it goes I might continue doing it longer.

Morning after Thanksgiving, at 117bs

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Thanks for reading!


45 thoughts on “Pre-Christmas Goal: Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating!”

  1. That’s great that despite the highs and lows you continue to reach your goals. I know that it’s hard after a period that you did so well with self control and then you lose a bit control and get unwanted weight. It’s hard to go back up after a huge downhill. But looks like your plan is thorough but also intuitive (instead of unhealthily tracking calories) so I’m sure you’ll reach your goal again! Best of luck! Xo, Stephanie


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