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Day 16 (12/10) of Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating

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I spent most of the day exercising with Maia, and cooking for a potluck at night. I was still so full from my late night gingerbread baking the night before that I didn’t feel like eating til 1pm, at which point I made a delicious potato hash with some leftover veggies from the paella I made. I still find myself craving lots of veggies–fingers crossed these cravings stick!

The potluck was lovely: I was bowled over by how thoughtful so many people were to veganize their dishes just for me (I’d never ask people to do that on my account!). My pumpkin gingerbread was a hit, and the vegetarian there appreciated the paella–it was a paella party, so there were already 2 different kinds of non-veggie ones for everyone else. I made way too much, so I have leftovers for days… the gingerbread disappeared though, which is definitely for the best because I’d have trouble resisting those leftovers!


Exercise: biked 30 mins, ran 2 miles, and walked 2 miles


  • Potato hash with artichokes, bell pepper, mushroom, broccoli
  • Coldbrew coffee with soymilk


  • Homemade paella


  • Potluck: paella, patatas bravas, cabbage salad, black bean quinoa, pumpkin gingerbread

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