Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 22 (12/16) of Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating

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Today was a bit of a debacle: I was supposed to pick up my friend from the airport at 1:30, then we were going to chat over coldbrew and my homemade bread. But thanks to a storm and San Diego being unable to handle weather, the airport blocked all flights–I went to the airport on time only to discover her flight was landing in Ontario instead!

I had been planning on working and jogging in the afternoon, but instead it became a game of waiting for flight info and almost rushing out the door a few times. I headed back to the airport again at 5 when her flight was finally landing, but it took til 7 to get a gate and luggage. I’ve learned my lesson about heading to the airport prematurely! At least I got to be the one driving and not the one delayed… She was stuck on a plane with her (rather upset) dog for hours. What a nightmare!

After all that, we needed some junk food. And Sipz is one of our favorite haunts (and my favorite restaurant of all time), so naturally we went there and got vegan drumsticks and fried rice.  😀


Exercise: walked 3 miles


  • Cranberry nicecream
  • Coldbrew coffee with soymilk


  • 2 small-medium red potatoes with hummus
  • 3 big slices homemade bread with pumpkin butter
  • Rose french vanilla tea


  • Vegan drumsticks and fried rice

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