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Day 27 (12/21) of Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating

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After 2 great days, I had a not-so-good day in the eating department. Things started off well enough, since I went for acai bowls with a friend… although I ate my entire bowl and the rest of hers that she couldn’t finish because I can’t stand to waste food! (Which isn’t too bad since it’s fruit, but still, it was more than I needed.)

Then we were shopping at Whole Foods a few hours later, and she got a sandwich because she was hungry (to be expected after having only half an acai bowl) and I made the mistake of following suit and getting their vegan burrito. They piled on soyrizo that looked as if it were dripping with oil, and I was too hesitant to say anything in time to prevent my burrito from turning into a grease-fest. I managed to scoop a lot of it out, but still, my stomach was pretty upset just an hour afterwards.

Then the finale: I went out to dinner for my mom’s birthday at a cuban place, whose vegetarian/vegan option was a sampler-style plate with rice, beans, veggies, tostones, fried plantains, and yuca fries. I focused on the rice/beans/veggies first, but still ended up eating a lot of the fried items. And then felt very sick.

Even eating out more than once a week is too much for me–3 times in one day is just insanity! My friends have been suggesting more restaurant dates, but I’m going to be asking if we can do coffee instead, because I still haven’t gotten back my hunger/fullness signals when it comes to hyperpalatable, oil-laden foods… I just eat myself sick.

Exercise: walked 6 miles


  • Acai bowl in a pineapple
  • Half a mexican mocha


  • Whole Foods burrito with black beans, cilantro rice, potatoes, avocado, and soyrizo


  • Cuban plate: black beans, brown rice, roasted veggies, yuca fries, tostones, and sweet fried plantains

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