Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 35 (12/29) of Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating

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I had an uncharacteristically snack-y day: lunch and dinner were made up of a series of seemingly random foods. I suppose that’s the post-Christmas effect of having to use up a lot of leftovers, both from what I’ve made (paella) and restaurants (Sipz). I’m really, really looking forward to heading back to Davis and being able to eat simply.

The thought of eating nothing but potatoes for a day sounds ridiculously appetizing right now after all this random/rich food  😛

Exercise: walked 4 miles


  • Potato veggie hash
  • Date
  • Coldbrew coffee with soymilk


  • 1/3 Japanese sweet potato
  • Sipz leftovers: tiny bowls of tom kha, fried rice
  • Granola and chocolate chips
  • Chai tea


  • 3 slices sourdough bread with pumpkin butter
  • Paella romaine wraps
  • Pear

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