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Thanks for 1000 Followers!

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Thanks so much for helping me hit 1000 followers, everyone! When I first started this blog (formerly called the Skinnyfat Chef) I wasn’t sure if anyone would be interested in my food/fitness journey, let alone a thousand people. And throughout this journey I’ve completely changed: I used to try to do as much cardio as possible while eating as little as possible (and counting each and every calorie), whereas now I lift weights, run for the joy of running and not calorie burn, and eat in abundance with no restriction or calorie counting. And the cherry on top is that I’ve gotten much closer to my ideal body this way. I’m so grateful for your support–you’ve really inspired me to stick to my goals which have done wonders for my health and fitness.

Most importantly, I hope my experiences can be helpful to you in some way or another… even if it’s just learning from the mistakes I’ve made along the way.   😛

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