Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

Day 42 and 43 (1/05-06) of Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating

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Day 42 – 1/05

My first official day of 10k training was a lovely run: the skies were blue (despite tons of rain lately) and we took a different route than usual, going along tree-lined bike paths and ending up at a gorgeous golf course.

I also made buckwheat nicecream for the first time in ages, and I’d almost forgotten how delicious it is! The buckwheat adds such a nice crunch and makes it much more filling.

Exercise: ran 3.5 miles, walked 2.5 miles


  • Chocolate buckwheat nicecream
  • Coldbrew coffee with soymilk


  • 4 potatoes with hummus
  • Don lee farms superfood patty
  • 3 date rolls


  • Lentils and veggies with rice
  • 5 date rolls
  • A few bite of purple sweet potato

Day 43- 1/06

Today was super cold, so besides walking Maia, I spent the day working inside. The quarter hasn’t even started yet and I’m already swamped!

Exercise: walked 4.5 miles


  • Potato hash with bell peppers and broccoli
  • Coldbrew coffee with soymilk


  • Pumpkin oat pancake
  • Red potato and hummus


  • Veggie lentil curry and rice
  • Pumpkin mug cake


  • 2 date rolls

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