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I’m Miche, and I’m a 25 year old vegan PhD student with my Master’s degree. By day I’m a cognitive neuroscience & diet researcher, but by night, I make videos on all types of scientific studies related to veganism, weight loss, and health. I first started this blog in 2014 to document my (now successful!) weight loss journey (see story below), and now I want to share what I’ve learned with you as I continue learning to thrive more and more!

I also love cooking and coming up with recipes, and growing my own food. I obsessively research everything I do (I am a researcher after all 😉 ), so I end up with tons of info in my head that I’d love to share! On this blog, I’m posting what I’ve learned & come up with in the hopes of improving your life too: posts with advice from my experiences with losing fat, gaining muscle, and maintaining it, videos with advice from scientific studies on how to improve your health and lose weight, and recipes. I also plan to do some occasional how-to guides for gardening, share my favorite vegan restaurants & products, and more.

Let’s thrive together 🙂

For my current diet and weight progress, see this page!

My Story

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I initially started this blog to journal about my fat loss and muscle gain efforts, but that part of my life is no longer as big of a deal to me: I met my goals! I started as a skinnyfat, yo-yo dieter alternating between binging and restricting, at a healthy BMI but shockingly flabby, with no muscle to speak of. It was a long journey figuring out what worked and what didn’t, which I document here and on Youtube. Between then and now, I’ve gained over 15 pounds of muscle and lost 20 pounds of fat according to body composition scans: I went from an almost unhealthy body fat percent (30%) to the fit range (22% or lower, haven’t been tested in a little while but I look leaner now). I don’t even lift often (1-2x a week) compared to most people with muscle, but I think my diet has given me an edge!

And most importantly, I’ve finally learned how to work towards and maintain my appearance goals without feeling guilt about food, or restricting my eating AT ALL: since 2017 I’ve done intuitive eating, which means I eat whenever I’m hungry, whatever food sounds good (I now actually crave healthy foods), without binging or restricting. No more calorie counting or obsessing over macros for me. And I calorie counted obsessively for 4 years straight without missing a day, so the feeling of freedom now is just incredible.

If you’re interested in learning to eat intuitively, I’ve made videos about my journey to intuitive eating with tips on how to get there yourself, and I have a big guide on how to start intuitive eating, and a post series on it. I post about it regularly here since there are so many others who have a bad relationship with food… and I want you to be able to heal like I did. Honestly, it’s changed my life.

I no longer post daily food diaries here, because I no longer record my food intake! (But, I do post my favorite meals, plus what I’m up to on a daily basis, on Instagram.) And of course, I post here about what I eat generally, plus recipes. To keep up with my posts here via email, click the “follow via email” link in the sidebar (desktop) or scroll down on this page (mobile)!

My goal for this blog is to use my experiences and science to help improve YOUR life. I’d love to hear your feedback on what videos or posts you’d like to see. 🙂

(I earn a commission on some of my product links through amazon associates, so if you buy them, you help me out! 🙂 I only link products when I think they are relevant and helpful to you, and only those I’ve thoroughly researched and stand behind.)