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Discovering Quads

I’m over a month into my hip injury… and I still have quads?!

Unflexed vs flexed!
Unflexed vs flexed!

(Kindly excuse the crappy phone photo. And the hilarious pose that’s necessary to photograph them.)

I didn’t even know I had much quad at all until I casually investigated yesterday and witnessed the above. It was like finding an entirely new body part. I was so mystified–especially because the only difference between these two photos is flexing! And I couldn’t even fully unflex in the unflexed photo because my quads just were not having it.

But anyways, thanks to my hip injury (see the fun details in my last post), I was afraid that having to forego leg day would mean no more legs. Well, leg muscle, that is. I just recently acquired all of it, so I’ve been afraid that my body will revert to it’s natural, gelatinous form.

7-03-14 038
Exhibit A from just one year ago. (Also, featuring the lovely, non-gelatinous G of P&P holding the flag)

Gotta love having legs that flatten out like pancakes. Seriously, my former body type is best described as “gelatinous.”

And now, I’d say “jello with a surprising amount of muscle underneath.” I’m getting there one step at a time, regardless of how much my hip wants to sabotage me. 😛

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April Check-in

Hello friends! So my 50 day plan was going pretty well, until… I got sick. It’s the first time I’ve gotten sick since summer, so I can’t be too upset. My plans did end up completely derailed, though, as my boyfriend visited me during his spring break, I visited him during mine, and so on, leaving me no gym time.

Because of all that, I had to stop lifting/exercising for a month besides my usual 3-5 miles of walking. I kept my diet on point though, sticking to salads and oatmeal when I wasn’t having huge restaurant meals with my boyfriend (I kept those moderate too, though!). So overall, I maintained my weight–a big accomplishment for me when I’m with him 24/7, since he can eat about 3000 calories a day and I’m a social eater.

And perhaps best of all: I didn’t see any muscle loss! I’ve been back to lifting for a week, and am already back where I left off despite the fact that I’m also back on a cut.

This was after only 2 months total of lifting, with 2 one month breaks! Looking forward to more gains 😀 (This is flexing vs unflexed in February, but my pre-lifting “flexing” before photo looked the same as the left photo!)

Current goals/plan: 

I also have a new overall plan, because I have some new goals: I want to be able to run. I’ve been doing HIIT for awhile, but have no endurance to speak of. I want to run miles on the beautiful trails around both San Diego and Berkeley without feeling winded. So I’m doing the popular couch to 5k (C25K) program, modified to be a little bit harder because I do have some foundation.

Because I’m now weight training and running, I’m working out 5-7 days a week, so my new strategy has been to eat more–especially protein–along with my huge exercise increase. And it’s working better than my lower calorie attempts ever did: I lost 1.5lbs the first week, and that was after a few days of maintaining my weight (so very little water weight involved!). I’m doing a moderately high carb diet, with about 60% carbs, 18% fats and 22% protein in general. And it’s working amazingly for me–I feel full of energy and get way fewer cravings than when I was doing 30% fat!

I think I’ll get back into weekly as opposed to daily check-ins, since I’m focusing less on calories and trying to make eating more of a routine rather than coming up with new recipes every day.

However, you can always keep up with my daily food on instagram!

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Introducing the Skinnyfat Chef

I’m Luna, and I’m on a mission. I’m a 20 year old who loves to cook and bake professionally, but who also desperately longs to be fit. Right now, I suffer from the dreaded “skinnyfat”: I’m on the lower end of the healthy BMI range, but with no lean muscle mass to speak of. I’m all flab and bone.

I used to be skinnier–underweight, in fact–but when I picked up my baking skill, I also picked up a nasty binging habit. I went from 100 to 120lbs during my first year at college largely from stress-binging as a result of a bad roommate situation, and want nothing more than to undo that.

But instead of a return to being skinnyfat and skeletal, I want to be toned and fit. I want to feel strong, healthy, and lean, while eating all kinds of delicious vegan food and feeling no urge to binge. I’ve studied nutrition, physiology, and molecular and cell biology at a top 3 ranked university, so I’m armed with science in deciding how to go about losing the weight and getting fit.

Join me on my vegan journey to fitness!


Before and Now:

My weight history in the making: 2009 (100lbs) to July 2013 (121) to April 2014 (113)
My weight history in the making: 2009 (100lbs) to July 2013 (121) to April 2014 (113)

I’m not a fan of having to post photos of myself like this, but I have to record my progress somehow. As you can see, even when my bones were sticking out, so was my stomach pooch. And then, my poor bones were all covered by an embarrassing amount of flab. And in April, still not a huge change, but at least it’s hope for some progress (though right now I’m 4lbs heavier!). I’m hoping that the big change starts now.

Can’t wait til I can post a real before and after!

I’m currently using this blog as a place to log my food/exercise diaries and goals, keep myself accountable, and share recipes with anyone that feels like reading. I’d also love to meet others making the journey towards weightloss, fitness, and health!

Current stats:

  • 5’5″, 117 lbs
  • Waist: 25″

Current goals:

  • See my progress/goals page!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Luna