Current Diet Plan and Progress

Photo Nov 14, 4 39 21 PM.jpg
November 2016

Stats Progress: (I’m 5’5.5″ tall)

  • Starting stats: 117 pounds, 25.5″ waist, 30% body fat*
  • Stats at last body fat measurement: 121 pounds, 25″ waist, 23% body fat (November 2015)
  • Current stats: 116 pounds, 24.5″ waist

Current plan:

  • Doing a challenge starting 11/25: Back to High Carb Intuitive Eating (trying to eat more vegetables, less fat and processed foods, and getting back in tune with my hunger/fullness signals)
  • Unlimited carbs with no calorie restriction: high carb low fat (HCLF) veganism along the lines of the Starch Solution.
  • Predominantly whole, unprocessed foods, especially vegetables, fruits, and starches.


  • As of December 15th 2016, training to be able to run a 10K!
  • Continue to gain muscle and lose fat, and improve strength and running abilities
  • Ultimate goal: get to ~15-20% body fat (so far have gone from 30% to 23% over the last year)
  • Most of all, how I look/feel will be more important than scale or body fat number!

Achieved since starting the blog:

  • Finished Couch to 5K (C25K) running program (March 2016)
  • Got into “fit range” of body fat percentage (October 2015)
  • Gained 13lbs of muscle and lost 12lbs of fat (From September 2014-November 2015)
  • Went 100% vegan (October 2014)

*Body fat measured by professional BodPod scans.

7 thoughts on “Current Diet Plan and Progress”

  1. I am sorry to be so blunt, but why do you want to be 110 lbs? I was 107 lbs at 5’8″ during the peak of my track and field career. It was not pretty sight. I looked emaciated. Nonetheless, I wish you the best and hope you love yourself just the way you are because you are worth it.


    1. 110lbs is a BMI of ~18.5 for me, and a weight I looked better at. Please keep in mind that weight looks very different on people of different heights. Your 107 at 5’8″ is two BMI points underweight, whereas my 110 at 5’5″ is in the normal range. So I’m not exactly understanding your comparison here.

      But thank you for the kind words 🙂


      1. Yeah.. I feel like the problem is that almost everyone is gaining weight. The obesity epidemic makes overweight look normal, and normal look underweight.

        However I’m in this for fitness and health. I have a high body fat percentage right now which could lead to insulin resistance, etc. I’ll probably end up back at 120lbs after years of muscle gain–that’s the goal at least. Also, I model, so I need to be at the lower end of the weight spectrum.

        Thank you for your concern ❤


  2. hi Luna,

    thank you for your blog post like! i agree with you on fat being the new norm. it’s healthier to be thinner on the lower end of BMI “normal” numbers.

    a central theme for me is maximizing bodily blood flow through diet and exercise, especially as it pertains to attaining a clear mind. one goal in my 30-day Sprout and Turmeric Diet was just that, to reach a point where my mind is in a zen-like state.

    i have worked in the neurosciences, i have a great appreciation to have at least more than two neurons sparking away!



  3. Hmmmm, having an actual plan for your weight loss. Lol. Sometimes the obvious things are the easiest to overlook. Good luck with your plan and I’m going to go work on mine!


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