My Diet and Progress

See my latest update video for my weight loss progress and experience while eating a high carb vegan diet, my current diet, and before & after photos!

For my past daily food diaries and progress updates from my past diets like the starch solution, see my post archives:

The diets I’ve tried, lost weight on, and talk about in-depth on youtube or here on the blog are:

  • Starch solution (I actually really like this book for the recipes & science behind high carb diets, irrespective of the diet itself!)
  • McDougall’s maximum weight loss (Another good book)
  • Whole foods plant based (see my Instagram for what that looks like)

Others I’ve tried with less success (I will link to posts here as I write them):

  • Calorie restricting/portion control
  • Whole starch low fat
  • Low carb (long, long ago… never again)