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Thanks to those of you who have asked me to start coaching, I’ve decided to finally do it (as I continue to be a PhD researcher)! Your messages about how my videos and posts have helped you honestly mean the world to me, and I am really excited at the possibility that I can help you more by doing coaching.

I am currently building specific programs for healing your relationship with food, losing weight, and maintaining it long term.

I have already taken on a few clients so I don’t have open spots right now–but if you are potentially interested in custom one-on-one coaching, group coaching, or one of the programs, sign up below and I will put you on the waitlist! The waitlist will only be used to send you an email once I open up coaching again, and let you get first priority if you decide you’re interested.



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About My Coaching

I am passionate about helping you get free from being obsessed or stressed over food or your weight. I know how draining it is and how much it can interfere with you enjoying your life—I was there for over a decade. But it IS possible to escape the cycle of dieting and overeating, and learn how to maintain your goal weight without calorie counting, meal planning, exercising more, or even eating less.

In fact, I know from experience that you eventually CAN maintain your goal weight, and it can feel effortless. All it takes is escaping the cycle of dieting, learning the tools for eating intuitively, and adding in some healthy foods here and there, and it becomes natural after that.

Eating doesn’t have to be stressful!

It isn’t a quick solution, but it is a long-term solution. It takes hard work and commitment, but it is so worth it.

I believe that losing and maintaining weight isn’t just about how much you eat and exercise: half the battle is your mindset.

So as a coach I focus primarily on healing your relationship with food, and gradually moving towards a healthier diet (if that is part of your goals).

I am evidence-based, so I base my coaching on the results of scientific studies. I am a PhD researcher in psychology, so that’s what I’m trained to do!

If you’d like to know more about whether my expertise and past experience might be relevant to you, check out my Youtube channel, especially my video on how healing my relationship with food really changed my life.

I will NOT suggest that you:

  • Cut out your favorite foods
  • Portion control or eat less
  • Let yourself be hungry
  • Diet, force yourself to intermittent fast, etc.
  • Avoid restaurants, alcohol, etc.
  • Do exercise you don’t like

If these fit with your goals, I WILL coach you in:

  • Learning to listen to your body’s signals
  • Eating more nutritious foods that have been scientifically shown to reduce your appetite and make you lose weight (if desired) while feeling satisfied
  • Finding ways to incorporate these foods in a way that tastes good and that you enjoy
  • Learning to not feel stressed about food
  • Cooking, meal ideas, and meal “planning” (not actual meal plans, just making sure you have healthy food around that you enjoy)
  • Finding other ways to get reward and stress relief besides food
  • Moving your body in a way you enjoy
  • Eating for physiological needs more, and emotional needs less

(There’s more that’s not listed of course, but this helps you get an idea of my general philosophy!)


  • A Bachelor’s degree in psychology from a top 10 university and Master’s degree in psychology from a top 20 university
  • A Ph.D. candidacy in psychology, and will receive my Ph.D. this summer
  • Published 5 studies in high-tier journals on nutrition and psychology

I am NOT:

  • A replacement for a doctor
  • A replacement for a therapist or other psychology services
  • A nutritionist or dietitian
  • A medical professional

I am just an academic whose life has been completely changed by healing my relationship with food and learning to effortlessly maintain my goal weight, after being stuck in the binge/restrict cycle for years. And I want to support you in doing the same.

If you know you want coaching and want to get started as soon as I have open spots, you can apply here: