Recipe Book

All recipes are vegan, most are healthy and either low fat or whole-food-plant-based. Click on the pictures to see the recipes!

I’ve bolded the few that are decadent “vegan dupes”–so good that omnivores often can’t tell they’re vegan. (But not so healthy!)

If you try any of these, tag me (on Instagram or elsewhere) and I’ll share it!

Baked bean mac & cheese bowls
Easy Thai red curry lentils
BBQ ranch chickpea salad
Beefy gravy (for biscuits)
Black bean plantain burger
The best Dutch apple pie
Apple amaranth porridge
(fat free)
Pumpkin risotto
Nut and oat blender muffins
Easy pickled veggies
Jamaican beans & greens
3 ingredient buffalo cauliflower (fat free)
Cornbread muffins (fat free)
Red lentil chili (fat free)
Beefy potato cheese calzone
Easy granola
Classic chocolate chip cookies
Protein packed chili
Hearty pumpkin pepita soup
Easy veggie sushi
Easy pumpkin drop biscuits (fat free)
Addictive Mexican style salad
Raw hemp protein brownies
Easy shakshuka curry
Sungold salsa fresca
Zucchini protein muffins
Easy superfood smoothie
Caribbean beans (fat free)
Fluffy potato chips
(fat free)
Strawberry shortcake
Lemon cheesecake bars
Carrot cake bliss balls
Cauliflower mac n cheeze
Penne bolognese
Piñata burrito bowl
Creamy tofu tikka masala
Low fat broccoli soup
Fat free, whole wheat pancakes
Sweet potato chocolate chip muffins
Mango swirl chia pudding


Deviled potatoes
Red pepper cauliflower mac n cheeze
Almond coconut truffles
Chocolate pb bliss balls