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Video: How to maintain a lower weight with intuitive eating (and lose more weight) | 5 tips

A lot of intuitive eating bloggers, coaches, etc. believe we can’t do anything to influence our “natural weight” that we’ll maintain at with intuitive eating. They tell people who are overweight that they should just accept that that’s their natural weight and not even try to aim for a healthy weight. But based on the research, I disagree.

(I do, however, 100% agree with self-acceptance and self-love at every weight, and that you shouldn’t have to aim for a healthy weight if you don’t want to.)

See my how-to guide for what intuitive eating is & how to start doing it!

In today’s video, I’m sharing 5 factors that will determine what weight you’ll maintain at (and how much you can lose) with intuitive eating, 4 of which are within your control.

Here’s a link to the video page, or you can watch it below:

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Intuitive Eating Scale mentioned in the video:

One side version of IE scale

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