Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 14: September 28

Day 14/23

On Monday I had a midterm, and lifted weights afterwards at 4pm as part of my new experiment with lifting before dinner. I increased by squat by 10lbs (!) for 4 reps, which was pretty exciting!

I must have been tired out or simply overconfident by the time I got to bench press, because I failed a rep. I managed to get one side of the bar back on the rack, but the other side was hovering just above my neck, supported by my failing arms which suddenly couldn’t even lift half the necessary weight… I got it up just in time to see 2 guys rushing towards me to save me.

It was humiliating! Especially because I lift incredibly low weight, having started from what was almost certainly a negative level of fitness…

I miss having my boyfriend as spotter (we’re long distance during the school year). And I generally decide when to lift on a last-minute basis, so lifting with my friends doesn’t happen as often as I’d like because we all have crazy schedules… so I think I’m going to start benching in the power rack (which has safety bars) :/

Macros: 72% carbs, 17% protein, 11% fat

Exercise: lifted weights + walked 5 miles

The psychology cafe was nice and gave me free bread before my exam 😀


  • Banana protein shake


  • Raw banana oatmeal with homemade granola
  • Clif bar
  • Slice of bread before midterm
  • Mango iced tea


  • Oil free veggie stir fry with rice
  • Bit of homemade granola bar


  • 2 dates

Calories: ~1900  |  Protein: 82g  |  Fiber: 34g   |   Fat: 25g

Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 13: September 27

Day 13/23

I woke up at 8am, and being a Sunday, I thought it would be egregious to make noise in the kitchen and wake up my roommates… so I tried having a breakfast of just fruit.

I’ve always been fine with mangos, bananas, and dates for breakfast, but it seems like the apple (and occasionally pear) allergy that I had years ago is resurfacing, because I felt awful. Hopefully it’s just the time of year or something–apparently fruit allergies are often due to pollen!

I also picked up some sample packs of Vega sport protein powder at Whole Foods, and gave the mocha flavor a try in a pre-run protein shake. It was way too sweet for my taste! And I hate the taste of stevia, but it seems that 99% of flavored vegan protein powders use it. I suppose the search continues…

Macros: 76% carbs, 15% protein, 9% fat

Exercise: jogged + walked 5.3 miles

The protein shake… I took the photo for a youtube video thumbnail 😛


  • Apple, pear, and 2 dates
  • Iced decaf americano


  • Salad and oil/salt-free baked yukon gold fries
  • Homemade cocoa granola


  • Avocado carrot sushirito
  • Steamed Japanese sweet potato


  • Banana protein shake

Calories: ~1700  |  Protein: 66g  |  Fiber: 49g   |   Fat: 18g

Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 12: September 26

Day 12/23

On Saturday I lifted weights, and found myself feeling really weak and failing sets unexpectedly–in fact, I threw in the towel (literally, as I thought to myself while tossing a towel in the gym’s laundry basket) and left the gym early. Being insufferably science-oriented, I thought of some possible reasons:

  1. Full stomach from eating a big dinner an hour before: 7pm is the least crowded time I can get to the gym, so I’ve generally been lifting soon after eating. This isn’t the best because digestion is a function of the parasympathetic system which is in direct opposition to the sympathetic system that lifting relies on… so in layman’s terms, lifting on a full stomach isn’t a good idea.
  2. My protein has been lower lately due to eating less processed food, like all the protein powder and fake meat I used to eat. I also just haven’t been in a very bean-y mood for a few weeks.
  3. It’s that fun time of the month, and maybe I was also having a random low-strength day. But that can’t really be helped!

I came up with a solution to reasons 1 and 2, though: I think I’ll start having a banana protein shake around 6, so it’ll all be digested by 7 while also giving me plenty of carbs and an extra protein boost. Although it does mean more processed food in the form of protein powder, I think it’s a decent tradeoff.

Of course, if you aren’t lifting, HCLF provides well over the RDA of protein, don’t worry! I’m just an unusual case of (potentially) high protein needs–I’ll update you guys on whether or not it seems to help.

Macros: 72% carbs, 18% protein, 10% fat

Exercise: lifted weights + walked 4.5 miles



  • Steamed Japanese sweet potato and a blueberry protein bar


  • Salad and baked yukon gold french fries
  • Blueberry nicecream


  • Oil free veggie stir fry with rice


  • Clif mint builders bar

Calories: ~1870  |  Protein: 91g  |  Fiber: 63g   |   Fat: 22g

Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 11: September 25th

Day 11/23

I slept like a rock last night… I can’t remember the last time I slept that well.

And it was a good thing, too, because I had a dinner event that went way later than expected. I didn’t get home til 11pm, and had to wake up at 7:30 the next morning for a lab shift which I also had to stay up late practicing for!

For said dinner, some people from my animal rights activist club (along with a nonvegan friend I invited) went to an all vegan Japanese restaurant, and of course I got sushi. I also tried their ice cream since it had azuki bean and green tea sauce which sounded intriguing, but it was underwhelming and I gave most of it away. I found myself wishing it were nicecream!

Macros: 76% carbs, 11% protein, 13% fat

Exercise: walked 6.2 miles


  • Banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola


  • Oil-free stir fry cabbage with rice
  • Blueberry nicecream
  • Japanese sweet potato


  • Avocado shiitake sushi
  • A few bites of soy ice cream

Calories: ~1820  |  Protein: 51g  |  Fiber: 42g   |   Fat: 28g


Back on Youtube!

Some of you may remember my (very) brief foray into Youtube last year… now I’m getting back into it! I’m hoping to make videos about fitness, veganism in general, and my experiences on HCLF. I’m thinking I’ll do quite a few “What I eat Wednesdays” which is pretty much the video form of my food diaries, so you actually get to see the food-making process–I’m also planning on doing recipe videos.

I’m not the best at making videos (or talking?) yet, but I’m hoping to improve 🙂

I’d really appreciate any likes or subscribers! ❤

I thought I’d start with an intro/updates, since I’ve changed quite a bit since I started the channel.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!


Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 10: September 24th

Day 10/23

It’s only been 10 days since I last had caffeine, but my sensitivity has gone way up! I wanted an iced tea because it was 90 degrees, and thought the mango one at Peet’s was herbal… turns out it was black tea! I felt shaky and uncomfortable just from that–I can’t imagine what coffee would do to me now.

It’s nice to have so much natural energy now, though–I hated being so reliant on my 3 cups of tea a day the last few years. Now I feel completely awake and ready to be productive as soon as I get out of bed, and that energy lasts all day!

Macros: 75% carbs, 12% protein, 12% fat

Exercise: walked 2.5 miles

Sushirito about to be rolled up
Sushirito about to be rolled up


  • Steamed Japanese sweet potato and a date


  • Banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola
  • Iced tea


  • Salad and avocado carrot sushirito


  • Mango and a date

Calories: ~1760  |  Protein: 58g  |  Fiber: 42g   |   Fat: 24g

Food & Exercise Diaries, Starch Solution

Day 9: September 23rd

Day 9/23

Today I changed this blog’s name to Vegan Miche! (From Skinnyfatchef.) I’d like to have more of a focus on healthy/vegan living and fitness in general, and less on just body type. 🙂

But it’s been a bit over a week on my Starch Solution experiment, and I said I’d give body updates here and there, so:

I weighed in today, and… my weight hasn’t changed at all! I can’t even believe it–I’ve never eaten this much in my life without gaining weight. (I’ve averaged about 1700 so far, just eating as much as I want.) Not to mention, I’ve been exercising much less than usual since starting this little experiment because it’s been so hot out–I’ve actually been taking the bus occasionally! Unheard of for me.

I’m planning to stop weighing myself once I’ve been consistent with this lifestyle for awhile, but I’m such a science-driven person that I just have to have my data. Plus I wanted to share weight updates with you guys, since I always had a little inkling of skepticism when the HCLF bloggers/youtubers out there said they upped their calories a lot, got tons more energy, and didn’t gain weight… but it seems to be working for me too! 🙂

Macros: 70% carbs, 17% protein, 13% fat

Exercise: walked 4 miles, ran for 25 mins

Tons of rice with veggies and sriracha. (I ate double the veggies but couldn't fit them on the plate for the photo!)
Tons of rice with veggies and sriracha. (I ate double the veggies but couldn’t fit them on the plate for the photo!)


  • Turmeric tea
  • Steamed Japanese sweet potato


  • 11am: Banana oatmeal with homemade cocoa granola
  • 3pm: Clif bar


  • Rice with steamed veggies and sriracha

Calories: ~1520  |  Protein: 69g  |  Fiber: 28g   |   Fat: 23g