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May 26-27 Food Diary

May 26th

Taking another break from calorie counting! I’m still counting my protein and fiber, but just tallying up everything on MFP at the end of the day instead of recording all day long. On average I’ve been eating 100 above TDEE, which is supposedly optimal for muscle building! (Since I’ve been lifting weights 3 times a week.)

I got an app called Twogrand which is like a photo-based food diary. My name there is Skinnyfatchef if you’d like to check it out. 🙂

On the 26th I made my favorite black bean sweet potato chili for my parents, which they loved! I added TVP for an extra protein and fiber boost and it only made it better.


  • Raw protein oatmeal


  • Multigrain bagel with tofutti and tomato

Afternoon snack

  • Tea with soymilk


  • Black bean sweet potato chili

Night snack

  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Whole wheat bread with almond butter

May 27th

I tried to make Ube Halaya, which is a Filipino yam-fudge type of dessert. I subbed in sweet potato for ube and left out all the butter and sweetened condensed milk, so it didn’t harden like it should have. But it was like ultra-rich and thick mashed sweet potato, which was fine with me 😛


  • Raw protein oatmeal


  • Sweet potato fudge
  • Chick’n strips


  • Mini peanut butter protein lava cake


  • Homemade red curry with rice noodles, tofu, and veggies

Night snack

  • Sweet potato fudge
  • Almond butter and banana
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May 25th Food Diary

May 25th

Giant vegan feast: the ultimate post-workout.

My favorite restaurant is a vegan Asian fusion place called Sipz, and I’m always dragging my nonvegan friends there… but it’s so good, they like it enough to suggest it themselves! On Monday I went with my boyfriend after lifting, which made it the perfect time to have a 3 course protein-packed feast. The tradition with my friends is that we start with an appetizer of drumsticks, split an entree, and end with either the banana cake or stuffed thai coconut. This time they had a special BBQ pork bun available as an appetizer, so naturally I had to try that too! And it was AMAZING. Definitely something I’d like to make myself one of these days.

And my slightly picky boyfriend liked the stuffed coconut enough that he asked me to make it for him this summer!

Boyfriend with coconut 🙂 (Rest of the feast photos are at the end of the post!)

In preparation for the feast, I didn’t eat quite as much as usual throughout the day, though I did have an unplanned mocha with G…. we have a new tradition of our own of going to Illy and getting their amazing coffee (and chocolate, in my case) when we go to the mall. Luckily, the mall also involved plenty of walking!

Having our snapchat moments

Breakfast: 430 cals

  • Multigrain bagel with tofutti and tomato

Lunch: 100 cals

  • Decaf spicy maya mocha with soymilk

Workout: 230 cals

  • Pre: chick’n strips and carrot-apple juice
  • Post: Homemade fiber-protein truffle

Dinner: 1400 (?) cals

  • Vegan BBQ pork steam buns and drumsticks
  • Mongolian style “beef” with brown rice
  • Young thai coconut with mung bean and rice inside

Total: 2150 cals, ~115g protein

Total cals burned: 1760

BBQ “pork” bun
“Drumsticks” with sweet chili sauce
Thai coconut stuffed with mung beans, peanuts, and sticky rice!
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May 24th Food Diary

May 24th

My skin’s starting to get back towards glowing! It had some trouble during finals and move-out, as is to be expected… but I can always count on clean eating to undo the effects of the stress and whatnot 🙂 (If only it would make my nose smaller!)

may24 selfie

I gave my hip another day of rest by spending the day playing board games and computer games with my boyfriend and friends. I’m starting to feel downright lazy! Luckily my appetite is lowered when I don’t move much, but it still seems to be adjusting to the fact that I was just recently averaging a 1700 daily calorie burn, and now only a measly 1400.

I managed to wolf down a huge burrito at dinner with my boyfriend despite hardly moving–it was just too good. I ended up overstuffing myself, but it was my first time doing that in months, so I’m not too upset. I did have to lay down for awhile though… 😛

Breakfast: 50 cals

  • Crackers

Lunch: 400 cals

  • Raw chocolate peanut butter protein oats


Afternoon snack: 40 cals

  • Tea with soymilk

Dinner: 590 cals

  • Guacachips
  • Burrito with pinto beans, rice, guacamole, and veggies
It’s hard to get a decent burrito photo while eating it!


Night snack: 35 cals

  • Dark chocolate

Total: 1550 cals, ~64g protein

Total cals burned: 1405

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May 22-23 Food Diary

May 22nd

Went on a 3 mile walk during the day to get some groceries, and discovered a gamechanger for this summer: there’s a new cafe 1.5 miles away! I love to hang out in cafes, but the only one within walking distance is starbucks at a teeny tiny .3 miles.. and I REALLY don’t like their tea or coffee. And I don’t like driving more than I need to, so I don’t go solo to the other places across the freeways very often. Now I have a cafe I can hang out and write in–Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, to be exact–with a perfect length walk before and after!

In college, my favorite stress relief is walking 2-3 miles and chilling at cafes all around the city, so I’m a bit over the moon about this new one 😀

Raw proats! (aka protein oats)

Breakfast: 500 cals

  • Oats with banana, pb2, protein powder, and almond butter

Lunch: 200 cals

  • Cracker with homemade cashew gouda
  • Homemade protein-fiber truffle

Afternoon snack: 30 cals

  • Tea

Dinner: 460 cals

  • Chick’n strips, whole wheat bread, almond butter and chocolate chips

Night snack: 160 cals

  • Chick’n strips
  • Whole wheat bread

Total: 1360 cals, ~76g protein

Total cals burned: 1415

May 23rd

I finally gave my injured hip a real rest day, and it drove me crazy. I HATE being sedentary! Luckily my boyfriend got me into a new videogame to play with him, and we watched movies at night (and also the night before)… but still. I need to be able to run and squat again. 😦

Also, I discovered the root of my almond butter and chocolate cravings the last few weeks. As I said yesterday, TSA decided that my vitamins posed some sort of threat to national security, so they took them out of my baggage without notifying me. I bought another multivitamin as soon as I found out that mine was no longer in any of my suitcases, but finding a magnesium supplement (since it’s not included in most multivitamins) in a normal dose range was a bit difficult. Apparently, magnesium is used in the reactions for muscle contraction so you use up a lot when lifting, and my tea drinking habit and phytate-eating (aka plants, plants everywhere) also deplete it and hinder absorption… so even though I eat mostly nutritious foods, I almost certainly haven’t been getting enough considering my heightened need for it. My muscles have been really slow to recover in the gym, my calves have been cramping up, and I’ve felt anxious lately: all symptoms of magnesium deficiency. And almonds and chocolate are two of the best sources of magnesium.

I’ve been eating almond butter and dark chocolate chips like it’s my job, no matter what I’d planned to eat instead, especially after lifting. I finally took some magnesium at night, and the next day (the 24th), my intense cravings miraculously dissipated. And this is the second time this whole situation happened–it’s crazy how different I feel when I’ve got all the nutrients I need!

This has 40% of my DV of magnesium according to Cronometer, so... I guess my cravings no what they're doing!
This has 40% of my DV of magnesium according to Cronometer, so… I guess my cravings know what they’re doing! (though sadly I probably need more than the normal DV for my weight because of the aforementioned factors)

Breakfast: 450 cals

  • Whole wheat bread with almond butter and chocolate chips

Lunch: 440 cals

  • Chick’n strips
  • Crackers with homemade cashew gouda
  • Homemade fiber-protein truffle
  • Mango and cherries

Afternoon snack: 50 cals

  • Tea with soy

Dinner: 360 cals

  • Whole wheat bread and almond butter

Night snack: 100 cals

  • Kettle chips

Total: 1340 cals, ~55g protein

Total cals burned: 1320

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May 20-21 Food Diary

May 20th

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day moving stuff between rooms (as I’m moving from my old room to my brother’s old room for the summer… we’re both old 😛 ), which gave me a surprising amount of steps/calories burned on my fitbit!

At night, I had my boyfriend over for movies and dinner. We used to love going to a place called Boudin for butternut squash soup in their artisan sourdough bread bowls… actually, he looked on in disgust the first few times we went there as I ate my soup and he ate pizza or something. He finally relented a few years ago and tried the soup, and immediately realized what he’d been missing: he’s quite picky when it comes to vegetables, and any type of unfamiliar food. We’re opposites when it comes to eating habits!

Anyways, I don’t have their soup anymore because it’s full of heavy cream and butter and the like–but I’d still take a cow-friendly version any day. So I made my own! I picked up the Boudin sourdough bread bowl since they make them so well, and the whole ensemble tasted just like I remembered. But vegan and much, much healthier. 🙂


Breakfast: 570 cals

  • Whole grain bagel with tofutti and tomato
  • Almond butter on banana

Lunch: 420 cals

  • Almond butter and chocolate chips
  • Chick’n strips
  • Homemade thin mint

Afternoon snack: 60 cals

  • Crackers with homemade cashew gouda

Dinner: 590 cals

  • Homemade butternut squash soup in sourdough bread bowl

Night snack: 130 cals

  • Chocolate covered almonds
  • Homemade thin mint

Total: 1760 cals, ~52g protein

Total cals burned: 1780

May 21st

The almond butter addiction continues! I think I figured out the root of my constant desire to eat almond butter, but I’ll save that for another post… I’ll just say it all starts with the lovely folks at TSA taking my vitamins out of my suitcase without notice or anything.

I lifted weights in the afternoon, and came home RAVENOUS. I figured my body just had some serious muscle repair to do, so I ate and ate til it told me to stop! Formerly I would have called this a binge just by virtue of it being above my TDEE, but now it’s without that crazy mindset: I’m just following my hunger signals now. Some days I naturally end up eating above my TDEE, some days below. The fascinating thing is it’s all been averaging to maintenance!

Post-workout carbs and protein!
Spicy peanut noodles with tofu and broccoli

Breakfast: 330 cals

  • Leftover butternut squash soup and sourdough
  • Almond butter

Lunch: 480 cals

  • Bread with almond butter
  • Crackers with homemade cashew gouda

Post-workout: 670 cals

  • Chick’n strips and yukon gold potato
  • Homemade caramel protein-fiber truffles

Dinner: 320 cals

  • Homemade peanut noodles with tofu

Night snack: 100 cals

  • Homemade thin mint

Total: 1930 cals, ~82g protein

Total cals burned: 1715

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May 19th Food Diary

I kicked my day off with a dentist appointment: yaayy. It seems all my fruit-eating and tea-drinking has landed me with another cavity. This is kind of a food related topic, right?

Anyways, on to the more pleasant stuff: G and I went to the cafe we’d planned to the day before (before I turned it into an impromptu grocery trip), which was a quaint and awfully Berkeley-esque little cafe that was a tad overstuffed with tables and antiques. Just getting to a table was like navigating a maze!

I’d had my eye on their Mexican mocha for awhile, and got it decaf with soymilk, of course. It was a bit too sweet for my liking, but it didn’t disappoint!

We spent our last few minutes there designing her blog’s new facebook page, choosing cover and profile photos and strategizing about what to put on it. If you could check it out and maybe give it a like, we’d really appreciate it!

Oh yeah, and then she came over and tried a bagel with tofutti since dairy isn’t being so nice to her stomach lately, and I think she liked it enough to buy her own! Yay for sharing vegan alternatives with nonvegans 🙂 Maybe someday they’ll become the norm!

Me forgetting how to pose (but she takes lovely photos so I had to share!)
Me forgetting how to pose and oddly dressed thanks to living out of a suitcase (but she takes lovely photos so I had to share!)
G with iced tea!

Breakfast: 380 cals

  • Dates and almond butter
  • Cracker and cashew smoked gouda
  • Decaf soy Mexican mocha

Lunch: 760 cals

  • Bagel with tofutti
  • Dates and almond butter

Afternoon snack: 75 cals

  • Tea with soy
  • Chocolate covered almonds

Dinner: 100 cals

  • Textured soy protein with BBQ sauce (first time trying TVP!)

Night snack: 200 cals

  • Homemade thin mints

Total: 1510 cals, ~53g protein

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May 17-18 Food Diary

May 17th

I made a brunch for my family of caramelized banana steel cut oats (always a hit!), went shopping, started the long process of unpacking my suitcases, and went to dinner with my boyfriend. I also went shopping at Whole Foods and was met with catastrophe: no Beyond Meat chick’n strips! They’re my favorite source of protein and I have them EVERY DAY back in Berkeley. And this Whole Foods carried them during winter break, so this was a bit of a shock 😦

I ended up buying Gardein chick’n strips and they were just… soggy, and with worse macros (aka lower protein per calorie). Not to mention a pain to cook: beyond meat tastes great straight out of the box. Curses!

I also made my first cashew cheese: smoked “gouda”! I still have yet to photograph it, but when I do, I’ll share it–and the recipe too.

No one likes soggy chick’n strips.

Breakfast: 270 cals

  • Steel cut banana oats with protein powder

Lunch: 380

  • Cashew smoked gouda & crackers
  • Yellow squash and Gardein chick’n strips
  • Almond butter and granola

Afternoon snack: 100 cals

  • Tea with soy
  • Dark chocolate covered almonds

Dinner: 620 cals

  • Restaurant black bean burrito with tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and tortilla chips

Night snack: 25 cals

  • Godiva dark chocolate pearls

Total: 1390 cals, ~56g protein

May 18th

In the morning I FINALLY got back to the gym, after a 10 day break thanks to finals and move-out–I’d done 2 bodyweight workouts during those 10 days, but I couldn’t stand another day away from weights. My hip’s still acting up, so I did arms, and sadly my numbers fell a bit on what I could lift. 😦

I’m chalking it up to being tired after a hectic week, and I’m going to try to get my protein intake back up to ~80g. I decided to try yet another new brand of protein powder–so far I’ve tried Sunwarrior, Vega sport, Sprouts’ soy spirulina, 3 different kinds of hemp, and more–and went for Plantfusion chocolate this time. I am IN LOVE with the post-workout chocolate peanut butter milkshake I made with it. So creamy, and with none of that chalky protein powder flavor! (Though this protein powder does not perform well in oatmeal, sadly.)

So creamy and decadent!

I met up with my bestie G of P&P in the afternoon, and although we’d originally planned to go to a cafe, we didn’t have quite enough time… so I ended up dragging her to another Whole Foods (since it was in the area) for a) dinner ingredients and b) to search for my beloved chick’n strips. And they had them in stock!! I ended up buying 4 boxes. And G had endless patience despite my wandering (prancing?) around the store 🙂

I made a bit of an experimental salad for my parents for dinner, and they gave rave reviews! I thought they’d be put off by the cashew ranch dressing (they’re very gourmet and somewhat picky), but quite the opposite: my mom went on and on about how great it was and how she wants it on everything! I did discover that the kale I bought was way too dry and curly, though–it disintegrated while I tried to massage it. Whoops.

Massaged kale with roasted sweet potato, black eyed peas, and smoky cashew ranch dressing

Breakfast: 230 cals

  • Dates and almond butter

Lunch: 260

  • Oat bran porridge with banana, flax, protein powder, and Grape Nuts

Post-workout: 270 cals

  • Chocolate peanut butter protein shake

Dinner: 320 cals

  • Kale salad with roasted sweet potato, black eyed peas, smoky cashew ranch dressing

Night snack: 360 cals

  • Homemade thin mints
  • Tea with soy

Total: 1450 cals, ~61g protein