3 thoughts on “Is Coffee Bad for You? Tips on How To Drink Coffee the Healthy Way, and My Experience”

  1. hey Miche, i love love the smell and taste of coffee and my though efficiency is spectacular the first day (after not having drank coffee previous days), the days after, if i continue taking it at the same quantities, my thoughts (and body) simply slog though the days. guess its great the first day.

    from the neuroscience and pharmacology perspective i would imagine there is a slope for recommended daily caffeine consumption so that the same “wired high” can be had the second, third, and maybe more days until of course saturation takes over.

    guess i’m a born-again wienie for shifting to twice per day of two bags of green tea a day and both reused once. also, it’d be great to hear your thoughts on the virtues (and banes) of Modafinil from the neuroscience perspective. i’m finding the focus is amazing if taken on schedule no more than three times per week and alternating days, say Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


    1. That’s, true, it is very common to build up a tolerance. And definitely, I should have mentioned that it’s important to drink it in moderation and not overdose in caffeine–I hope that’s common sense to most viewers, haha!
      I always reuse my teabags too 🙂 And I actually haven’t read anything on modafinil at this point.


  2. the movie “Limitless” is actually based on folks in the Bay area experimenting with Modafinil. since my original mention of Modafinil over a week ago, i can now say a it’s wonder. like any prescription it ought to be taken on schedule. aside from begin vegan, living off sprouts and inventing a turmeric sauce that i love (be neat to hear what you think of the ingredients at http://brainylunch.com), Modafinil is likely the best investment i’ve made for my brain. to be fair to coffee, since i’m off of Modafinil on weekends, i prepared a cup French Press coffee yesterday morning and sipped slowly to savored it.

    folks on forums warn to not take the two on the same day not because of a contraindication but simply the focus would be lost since one is trying to keep you in one place focused and the other has you wired to move lots. i haven’t experimenting with both on the same morning to feel the effect first hand – who knows i might make for a “Lucy” scenario :).


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