Starch Solution, Years Past: Food & Exercise Diaries

A month of Starch Solution, Round 2! (This time, with even more carbs!)

Photo Mar 27, 1 55 14 PM

Hey guys! Long time, no text posts. Sorry about that–I’ve just been really into making videos lately, and unfortunately I only have so much time between my honors thesis and finishing up my last semester at Berkeley. But I am so, so appreciative of you guys’ support on my fledgling little Youtube channel! ❤

Now back to the blog: I’ve noticed that my Starch Solution experiment from September 2015 is still getting quite a bit of attention, and because the point of this blog is to help people discover the joys of veganism (and the weight loss/health benefits of high carb, low fat veganism), I thought I’d do another little month-long experiment for you guys!

Photo Mar 14, 2 03 17 PM

During that initial Starch Solution round, I was transitioning into full-on HCLF (high carb low fat), so I ate quite a bit of fat compared to a lot of high carbers out there–around 30 grams, or 15-20% of my calories. This time, I’m thinking of doing a hybrid of Starch Solution and Maximum Weight Loss (aka MWL, Starch Solution in “hardcore mode”), where I’ll try to do around 75-80% carbs, 15% protein, and 5-10% fat if my body is okay with it. The higher protein is because I lift weights and I feel like a little extra could help with strength/muscle building, although society’s obsession with protein is totally overblown. I haven’t been counting my calories or macros since the last round so I don’t know how much fat I’ve been eating lately, but it’s probably around 10% these days and I still eat along the lines of the Starch Solution. But I will starting counting my macros again for you guys, because I feel like it’s much more informative that way!

The reason I’m calling it a hybrid of Starch Solution and MWL is because I’m planning on eating lots of vegetables and not eating many overt fats (MWL), but I will still be eating as much flour and sugar and fruit (normal Starch Solution) as I please. Oh, and I will be getting fat-filled vegan cinnamon rolls and/or gourmet “meaty” sandwiches once or twice during this because it’s my last month in Berkeley and therefore my last month of having access to Cinnaholic and The Butcher’s Son (AMAZING vegan places), and I’d like to enjoy them while I can. Hooray for moderation!

Photo Apr 08, 4 40 24 PM
Say hello to Cinnaholic’s chocolate caramel pie gourmet vegan cinnamon roll. I only got their rolls once a year while living here but now my time is running out!

Now the short summary version for those of you who prefer not to read walls of text! 😉

  • I’m doing another month of posts like I did in September, but this time I’m an old pro at eating a high carb low fat diet because I absolutely love it. I’ll be sharing what I eat in a day on the Starch Solution, plus results and weight loss.
  • The differences from last time: more carbs, less fat, with a general goal of 75-80% carbs, 15% protein, 5-10% fat. But once again, no calorie restriction! (You could also say I’m following the 80/10/10 diet. So many similar diets!)
  • I’m sort of combining Starch Solution with McDougall’s Maximum Weight Loss (Starch Solution extreme) because I’ll be eating lots of vegetables and very few overt fats, but still eating all the bread/sugar/fruit that I feel like.
  • I’m moving out on May 12th, so I’m planning on doing this til May 11th or so depending on how hectic things get. (Because I may have to subsist of Clif bars and takeout once I’ve packed up my kitchen…)

And of course, because I’m sure a lot of people are interested in this for weight loss on the Starch Solution, my starting weight is 121.5lbs today. I could stand to lose some fat because I’d like to have more muscle definition (I’ve gained 13lbs of muscle this past year! 😀 ), but my body is not especially interested in getting lighter–so if I do lose anything on the scale, it’d be pretty amazing progress for me!

Photo Apr 09, 6 49 23 PM
The lighting in my room is rather awful which makes the photo grainy, but here’s what I look like at the moment!

Thanks for reading!


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    1. I was scared of it too, but I decided it would be a fun challenge that would at the very least help teach me how to speak more coherently 😛 And well I still am just starting and I have about 240 subscribers and ~75 views per video. Not great, but steady increase in growth!

      Thanks so much 🙂

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