Video: Studies Show that Breaking Your Diet Makes You Binge Later

If you’ve watched my past videos, then you may know by now that dieting can cause overeating for all sorts of different reasons. In today’s video, I go over a study showing that breaking your diet can also cause you to overeat. And I talk about who is most susceptible to this reactive binging.

Here’s a link to the video page, or you can watch it below:

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Study links & links mentioned in the video:

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1 thought on “Video: Studies Show that Breaking Your Diet Makes You Binge Later”

  1. I have found that every time I want to deviate from my whole food plant based diet, it’s simply cause I’m hungry at that moment. I know after eating my normal plant based meal, I won’t care about the temptation any longer and it’s proven true every time. I have a rule at work “if I still want that after my meal, I’ll go back and get it.” I almost never do.


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