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Video: Dieting Distorts Your Memory for How Much you Eat – Scientific Study

People who diet, have food rules, or count calories may be lying to themselves. In today’s video, I go over a study looking at how much dieters vs nondieters eat during a “taste test”, and how they compare at estimating how much they ate.

Here’s a link to the video page, or you can watch it below:

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Study links & links mentioned in the video:

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1 thought on “Video: Dieting Distorts Your Memory for How Much you Eat – Scientific Study”

  1. That’s really interesting and throughout my life I can attest to that I used to constantly underestimate how much I was eating. The thing that helped most was tracking my food using an app because now I clearly understand how much food I actually need and how much is too much. I still use the tracker but when I can’t, I’m pretty good at figuring it out helpfully. Thanks for this video, it was super interesting.


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