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Video: How to Use Water to Lose Weight (Scientific Studies)

The diet industry tries its best to convince you that you need them, but weight loss can be as easy as making small lifestyle changes… and unlike diets, lifestyle tweaks actually lead to sustainable weight loss and maintenance.

And bonus, these kinds of lifestyle changes also make you healthier & feel better.

A powerful example of this that I’ve found in studies is that just drinking more water can lead to a LOT of weight loss! So in today’s video, I go over studies on how you can use water to lose weight, with details on what’s optimal in terms of timing and quantity.

Here’s a link to the video page, or you can watch it below:

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Study links from the video:

  • Study links: Water before meals 1 2 (There are 2+ more showing the same thing too)
  • Study links: Water during diet 1
  • Study links: Water thermogenesis 1 2
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