Hey there!

I’m Miche, and I’m a recovered dieter.

After years of yo-yo dieting & weight gain, I figured out how to stop the cycle, lose the fat, and gain muscle!

So I’m here to share advice on how to eat without rules or restriction and reach your goal body, using scientific research from nutrition & psychology.

…and share recipes, too!


Weight loss isn’t about eating less.

It’s about eating differently.

Losing weight, and especially maintaining it, is about what you eat, and how you go about eating it.

I know, this completely runs against conventional wisdom. But hear me out.

Conventional wisdom doesn’t consider the actual scientific research on how weight loss works.

I do: I’m a PhD!

I got my PhD in 2021, and I run studies at the intersection of psychology, neuroscience, and nutrition–and apply science to my daily life!

There is a lot of great research out there on how to lose weight, and be happier & healthier… but most people don’t know about it, because it’s hard to access & understand.

So I break it down by writing posts & filming videos so you can apply scientific findings to your life!


5 thoughts on “Hey there!”

  1. Good to see your blog back up and running as I’ve visited it before. Thanks for the ‘like’ on my post about Groupthink. I’m afraid that I’ve disabled the comment feature on my blog (except for the Contact page) to avoid falling into Groupthink, which is what I have found happened with previous blogs. Feel free to have a browse around my blog for various vegetarian and vegan related stuff. Cheers.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, I appreciate that! That makes sense about groupthink, especially if it turns into a vegan political discussion forum—I’ve found forums to get quite unrealistic too, as you describe.

      Liked by 1 person

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