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Is Your Weight in Your Control? Genetics of Body Weight + Set Point

I share studies on how heritable your body weight is, and share a pretty wild list of traits you’d never expect to be just as or more heritable than your weight.

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1 thought on “Is Your Weight in Your Control? Genetics of Body Weight + Set Point”

  1. Hi Miche,

    Thanks for all you do always! I am writing for two concerns:

    Can you address weight control fluctuations during menopause?
    Do you have any Holiday dinner recommendations for Thanksgiving for people with high blood pressure and hypothyroidism?

    I would really appreciate this help. My husband has the high blood pressure. I am resisting the idea of using a search engine because I would like to hear it from you.

    In regards to your article, my mother gained weight during her menopause and so did it, but then she lost it later on in life and left it off. I kind of see a similar pattern working in my life.

    Thanks in advance, Helen


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